Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Complete Automotive Repair | Black Earth, WI

Complete Automotive Service and Vehicle Maintenance!

In today’s busy life, owning a vehicle isn't a luxury, it’s a tool for life. Not being able to use your car is more than just an inconvenience; it affects the way you provide for your living, the way you can keep your commitments to others, and sometimes it even affects your peace of mind. Having a broken car doesn't mean your own life should have to slam to a halt.

Everything from routine automotive service such as tune-ups to a more complex car repair, our ASE certified mechanics at Walt’s Garage can offer you a wide variety of automotive repair, car service, and car repairs.  We have up-to-date equipment for a quick and accurate diagnosis and repair, using high-quality parts, and a friendly and courteous staff.

Serving Black Earth, WI, and the neighbouring communities of Mazomanie and Cross Plains, we work hard to take special care of your vehicle, including hybrid, and foreign and domestic car service.

Walt’s Garage mechanics are experts in Car Service and Repairs!

We want to help you keep your vehicle safe and dependable.

Here is a list of our automotive repair services:

  • Car Care Service

o Factory Scheduled Maintenance

o Lube Oil & Filter Change

o Noises and Leaks

o Windshield washers, wiper blade

o Tune up

o Inspection and Diagnosis

  • Brake Systems

o Anti-Lock Systems

o Brake Drums, Rotors, Pads

o Emergency brakes

o Hose and Line replacements

o Lining Replacement

o Master Cylinders

o Wheel Cylinders

  • Suspension Systems

o Ball Joints

o Control Arms

o Leaf & Coil Springs

o Shocks and Struts

o Steering Racks

o Tie Rod Ends

o Tires and Wheels

o Traction Control

o Pack Wheel Bearings

  • Exhaust & Fuel Systems

o Carbon Cleaning

o Carburetors

o Catalytic Converters

o Exhaust Manifolds

o Fuel Pumps, Filters, Lines & Hoses

o Fuel Tanks

o Gas Fuel Injection

o Mufflers and Exhaust pipes

  • Electrical Systems

o A/C and Heater Controls

o Climate Controls

o Alternators and Batteries

o Computer Controls

o Instruments and Gauges

o Lights

o Powers Accessories

o Starters

  • Cooling and Heating Systems

o Air Condition and Heating Services

o Belts

o Electric Fans, Fan clutches

o Head Gaskets

o R12/R134A Freon

o Radiators

o Thermostats

o Transmission Coolers

o Water Pumps

o Hoses

  • Drive Train Systems

o Automatic Transmissions, Transaxles

o Power Steering Service

o Clutches

o Engine Service and Replacement

o Front and Rear Differentials

o Manual Transmission, Transaxles

o Shafts

o Timing Belts and Chains Drive

For car services, call Walt’s Garage today at 608-767-2331.

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