Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Wheel Alignment | Black Earth, WI

Wheel Alignment causing Problems on the Road?

With every wheel alignment, the auto specialists at Walt’s Garage perform a complete steering and suspension system inspection. Here are the wheel alignment services Walt’s Garage provides:

  • Inspection of suspension and steering systems
  • Adjust alignment angles to manufacturer's specifications
  • Road test vehicle as necessary
  • Tire Rotation as needed
  • Tire Balance as required

Car Alignment Recommendations:  Front Wheel or All-Wheel Alignment?

How do I know when I need a wheel alignment?

  • Vibration
  • excessive noise
  • premature tire wear
  • misalignment

Based on your vehicle’s construction and the symptoms you are experiencing, the ASE Certified technicians at Walt’s Garage may recommend one of these two types of alignments:

All-wheel Full Adjustable–The front and rear wheels are adjusted so they are perfectly parallel to the vehicle’s center-line.  All four wheels parallel with the steering wheel, which has also been adjusted, results in a perfect alignment!

All-wheel Thrust AngleThe thrust line of the rear wheels (this is the direction that their force pushes), is determined by the diagnostic computer technology used by our trained technician.  The front wheels are then adjusted to be precisely parallel with this predetermined rear thrust line.

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