Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Radiator Repair | Black Earth, WI

Engine overheating: a sign of Radiator Repair!

A sign that you may need a radiator repair is an engine that is overheating.  An engine breakdown is primarily caused by a failure in your vehicle’s cooling system.  The mechanics at Walt’s Garage understand that a little cooling repair can go a long way to preventing a more costly engine problem.  Many Radiator Service shops just perform a “drain-and-fill” of anti-freeze, but Walt’s auto repair shop provides a complete radiator flushing service and radiator repair that includes the following:

  • Test for pressure and leaks
  • Flush chemicals are added
  • The radiator is refilled to the correct quantity of anti-freeze
  • Lubricant is added to the radiator system as required
  • Important components of the engine are inspected (including the radiator cap & hoses)

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Signs that you Need a Radiator Repair

One or more of the following signs may indicate that your car or truck may needs a repair to its cooling system:

  • The engine belts and hoses show signs of wear and tear, such as cracking.
  • Dashboard temperature gauge indicates that the vehicle is running hot.
  • The engine smells “hot”.
  • Dark, non-transparent fluid is leaking from the engine area.
  • Steam is coming from under the hood.
  • The ratio of anti-freeze to water is too low (know the manufacturer’s recommended level of anti-freeze).

The ASE-certified master technicians at our auto shop will perform a professional multi-point inspection of your engine and can provide you with a complete analysis, together with an estimated cost for a radiator repair or radiator replacement.  Call Walt’s Garage today!

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