Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Auto Electrical Repair | Black Earth, WI

Signs of Auto Electrical Problems: Your Car not Starting?

The auto electrical systems (which includes batteries, alternators and starters) in today’s vehicles are becoming more intricate.  Although new computer technology has been incorporated into the systems, they are basically the same design as decades ago.  The ASE-Certified technicians at Walt’s Garage have the leading equipment to correctly diagnose any auto electrical repair needs and specialize in vehicle electrical systems.

Major Components of Auto Electrical Repair

  • Car Battery- The battery is a storage device, used to start the engine and to help the electrical accessories function
  • Alternators - The alternator produces your vehicle’s electricity and maintains the charge in your battery storage.  Without this charge, your electrical accessories, including ignition and engine control systems, would fail to operate
  • Starters - The starter is the biggest power user and most important to the continued smooth operation of your vehicle.  The starter is a small motor that turns the engine crankshaft through the flywheel; in turn igniting the combustion process

Does your Auto Electrical System need help?

To be comfortable on the road, we believe your vehicle's auto electrical system should be inspected at least every two years, or whenever you notice possible problems with the battery, starter or alternator.  Thesecommon issues are the cause of minor voltage variations in your vehicle and are an important place to first look in an inspection.

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