Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Axles – Struts – Shocks | Black Earth,WI

Is Your Car Getting Hard to Steer?

If your car is starting to become difficult to steer, it’s likely an indication that you are experiencing a problem with your car axles, car shocks or car struts.  Unfortunately, it’s also a sign that at some point in the near future, some form of auto service will be needed on your suspension system.   As with other car problems, it won’t go away by itself.   In fact, a problematic car suspension system generally gets worse with increased miles, wearing out tires and brakes quicker than normal.

Preventative maintenance on your car’s suspension system is important to help extend the life of all the components of your vehicle.  The suspension system makes sure that your steering is safe and that your brakes work properly.

What are Car Shocks, Car Axles and Car Struts?

Simply put, these three components are vital because they keep your wheels in place, and control the vehicle’s braking distance.  If these components aren’t kept in good condition, your vehicle will experience damage in other parts, and then becomes a concern for passenger safety.   It is inevitable that if you keep your car long enough, it will eventually need a suspension repair.  Thankfully, there is an auto repair shop that you can trust.  The ASE-certified mechanics at Walt’s Garage are ready to repair or replace any component of a suspension system, using leading brand parts to ensure a quality auto repair.

What are the signs you need new Car Axles, Car Struts, or Car Shocks?

Any of these signs may indicate that you may need a service or repair to your vehicle’s alignment, steering, drive train or suspension system:

  • Noisy tires or uneven wear
  • Steering wheel off-center
  • Vibration, drifting, pulling or swaying

How can Walt’s Garage help?

With every suspension repair, we perform a complete suspension system inspection. By replacing parts, such as car axles, car struts, or car shocks, you will regain much needed control and improved drivability.  Here is a list of the services we will provide when we place your vehicle on the alignment rack:

  • Inspect steering and suspension system
  • Car axles
  • Car struts
  • Car shocks
  • Air pressure
  • Mount and compensate sensors
  • Print-out of your vehicle’s alignment results.

The ASE-certified mechanics at Walt’s Garage are experts at servicing and replacing car axles, car struts, and car shocks so they can work together in unison.  Don't ignore difficult steering problems - be safe!  An uncorrected alignment or suspension issue can lead to unexpected loss of driver control.  Get your vehicle inspected by the auto repair experts at Walt’s Garage every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

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